Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time Travel

If you were given one day to time travel and change/see what would that be? the past or your future?

I'm a very super duper big fan of anything time travel movie or books! Especially Back to the Future films! Personally, I would be too scared to go back in the past or go sometime in my future and change it. I would definitely go back or to the future to just see how things went or are. If I changed anything I might not be married and have my kids and that honestly scares the living tar out of me...though sometimes I'd like to silence in the house ad go out and do whatever But chyeah! People can you believe it?! Today is the day Marty McFly arrives when he travels to the I first watched the film in the 90s when I was little oh how I did wish for cool "realistic" holographic sharks to attack my face in the middle of the town center or have simple... FLYING CARS! >.< I know my husband asks me for a flying car every other day because of the bullcrap traffic he sees going to and from work on 287! Well did anyone else think that we'd be future like flying cars and every house having finger print scans for keyless entry by now in 2012? lol Shoot I thought we would but then again I was like 12 lol. Happy Back to the Future everyone!


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