Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 3

15 interesting things about myself.

Holy crap...ok here goes nothing.
1. I'm silly in a child like way.
2. I literally NEVER GIVE UP!
3. I can put a man down twice my size HI-YA!
4. I still love/enjoy watching cartoons.
5. I have OCD. [I think that's interesting lol]
6. I love comic books.
7. I used to draw. [DRAW! Not scribble]
8. I alphabatize EVERYTHING!
9. I used to sing in nursing homes for Sunday Mass.
10. I sang on a stage with more than 1,000 live viewers.
11. I can play the piano, drums, flute, clarinet, guitar, base, and a recorder.
12. I cut and color my own hair.
13. I used to go to college for Culinary Arts.
14. I used to box. [competative]
15. I used to be a gymnast. [I still can do flips]


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