Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Time

"I wanna go to school Mommy!" -Max

It's the time in my life where my 3 year old wants to get away from me lol. But at least he wants to get away to school. I've been taking Max to Pre School Story Hour at our local library. I know its not an actual school but he learns something from reading and he gets to socialize for an hour. :D I'm all about teaching my children and learning how to better yourself! I got Max some Pre K and Kindergarden workbooks. He already knew his numbers and alphabets, shapes and colors, but he showed interest in writing so we practiced tracing and writing. He enjoyed himself and I couldn't ask for more for him to have fun while he learns! I never forced him and I love it! My only wish that all my kids are super smart and get mucho scholarships and get a free ride [financially] through college. Crossing fingers! :D

 [break time fun!]

 [Big A and little a]



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