Friday, June 8, 2012

Menlo Park Museum

Re-Grand Opening of The Menlo Park Museum in Edison, New Jersey!

We we're fortunate enough to see the Re-Grand opening of The Menlo Park Museum. We are locals of this town and I try to teach my son to take pride in his home. :D The had local camera crews, photographers, the mayor, and the senator. Max got to shake the mayor and the senators hand. He also got to take a picture with the big scissors that cut the ribbon and an Thomas Edison impersonator. :D  There was a choir from my old high school and Max even said that he would like to sing like them when he's older. That made me smile. As the event of the days moved forward they cut the ribbon and we got to tour the brand new museum. It is definitely a grand upgrade from what it was before when I toured back in 5 grade! [1998.] Max and I enjoyed our time there and he learned that Thomas Edison "made the light bulb that's in our bathrooms!" :D

[Cutting the Ribbon] 

[Max & T. Edison the impersonator lol]


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