Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making Baby Food

"You got ride of your stash of breastmilk, but you added baby food in the damn freezer! Where is our food going to go?!" -Rad lol

Ok before Dean was even out, I was picturing how he would like baby food. With Max I made baby food and also bought some. This time around I am devoting my every waking minute to feeding my children the best of what we can give them! That means cooking/making baby food for Dean and having home cooked meals for Max and family. We decided to do baby led weaning...but Dean's a chunker and wanted food imediately! I would feed him a few bites and when I'd stop he'd scream for more. He eats a lot I think for a 5 month old. Three times a day about 5-6oz of home made organic babyfood. [He weighs 20 pounds right now too!] In the past two days I have gone crazy in purchasing the right types of fruits and vegetables for Dean's baby food. I've dragged my boys early in the morning to local farmers markets to search for: avocado, mangos, carrots, spinach, peas, yam, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

I've gone nuts and decided to make all those store bought fresh fruits and veggies in two days! I started steaming all the vegetables and once they were all soft I put them in the blender and pureed. It needed some liquid so I finally got to use my frozen stash of breast milk. I placed them in ice cube trays and once they were frozen I placed them in freezer bags labeled and dated. I believe Dean is set for a while! :D



  1. Hey! I'm a fellow BBC mom with a January '12 baby, and your newest follower!

    I'm totally jealous of your stash! We haven't started solids yet, but I'm so ready and can't wait to start making our own food, too.

    The boys are adorable btw!

  2. Michelle: thank you [about the boys]...i followed you too! dont be jealous! you'll make your own if you plan on making your baby her own stash of yummies! :D


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