Thursday, June 14, 2012

Healthy Snacks

Mommy's got the munchies :/

Ok I have a bad habit of constantly stuffing my face with anything and everything in arms reach...thats edible that is. I decided to quit my unhealthy horrible habits and make healthier snacks not only for myself but for my family. Healthy snacks: Fruits [as is/sliced/dehydrated], veggies [carrots with hummus], and best of all CHIPS! I just love the crunchy texture of chips and its salty yumminess! Kale is a form of cabbage, it's very high in beta carotene, vitamin k and c, lutein, and rich in calcium! So KALE chips were the best way to go! It is simple and quick to make/bake. to do it the day you get kale. The longer you have it in the fridge the bitter it'll taste.

Here's my simple kale chips recipe:
rip leaves from stem
toss in a little olive oil
garlic powder [or not]
sea salt [do not over do the sea salt]
put on a pan
place in the oven 350 degrees
for10-15 minutes
Collect and eat!
Can't fail with kale!


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