Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fluff Mail

Fluff Mail: Cloth diaper and or it's accessories that you ordered online that's now getting carried out of the Ups/Usps/dhl/fedex truck and you run faster that you have since high school to receive the mail!

For us Moms [usually stay at home Mamas] ordering online is the only way to get cloth diapers and its accessories. Especially for me...I'm a Co-op Addict! In my older posts about my cloth diaper stash I love Alvababy cloth diapers. [one size pocket diapers] Mamas like me ordering online is like crack...and OOOOoooooo especially in a Co-op sooooo mucchhhhhhh mooorrrreeee know what that means Mamas..."Hey Daddy I just found a Co-op on Alvababy cloth now that they are super cheaper I can buy more!" Bwuahaha! [evil laugh.] Rad looks at me and I can tell he wants to strangle me lol. Anyhoo to cut to the chase I've purchase Alvababy more prints! Sunbaby also in prints! My Little Legs and Meluna! Ah and oh in the Co-op Alvababy cloth diapers cost $2-3 per diaper when it is usually $6!



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