Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Jaw Breaking Nails

Looks good enough to gnaw at...ew maybe not! lol

Ok since I like doing my own nails, I decided to do another DIY nail tutorial. Easy enough my 3 year old helped me! :D So who has never thought of inhaling a jaw breaker when we were all young?! I know I never passed licking it for ten minutes then I'd just give up. It's summer and thought this jaw breaking nails tutorial would be kickass!

What you'll need:
white nail polish
2 or more bright colored nail polish
nail polish remover
cotton balls
straw cut to 2 inches
top coat

First I color my nails white. I then cover the top and bottom of my nail with tape. I know it sounds weird but it'll help cut down the mess. I dip the straw into whatever brightly colored nail polish you picked out and blow the end of the straw on my nail. See I've just created a scattered effect. Pretty easy! I even had Max help blow the nail polish on my nails! It was fun, easy, and quick! After it all dries I put on a top coat and voila! Finished! It looks cool for a fun summer event or just casual look. Have fun y'all and enjoy!



  1. thanks for the tip! i'm definitely going to try this! btw, i'm following you based off of your post on the half asian babies group incase you're wondering :)

    1. Hi hi! thank you for following! and welcome to my blog! hope you enjoy reading it! please enter for a chance to win an UGLee Pen!


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