Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Shower, Going Away, and Reunions Oh My

Oh My Gawd...Jenny's knocked up and Eia's going away for good! :/

Since I'm super glued to my family and anything related to my outside world I usually drag my family with me...I got to reunite with some of my high school girl friends...through a baby shower for Jenny and a going away for Eia. It was a bitter sweet moment seeing Jenny pregnant [due July 15th, 2012] and Eia going back to the Philippines PERMANENTLY. [June 24th, 2012] I got to catch up with old friends Max got to play many games. Dean was happy seeing and meeting new people.  We also played volleyball...that was amusing...So sorry Vee for super chucking the ball at your tatas! >.< Sowwie! Anyhoo lots of fun, lots of food, and pictures...This Mama is tired and gonna hit the haaaayyyyyyy! Good night moon!


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