Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad Dreams

Damn that was intense...

Ok I know it's like 3:30 in the morning I'm up changing Dean's diaper, feeding him, and mentally re operating over that traumatic but very silly dream. God, it felt so real. I haven't had a dream like that since I was pregnant. Ok so this is how it starts...for the past month my teeth have been hurting and when I mean hurting it was like my mouth was in labor. Since Im breastfeeding I try not to take anything but caved in. I was dying! Nothing really worked, so I went to the dentist. Got an appointment for a tooth extraction. Before you think what the he'll is this chick eating...NO! I never had a cavity and this dentist chick says "Bad news you have a cavity. Good news it's your wisdom teeth." what how is that good news? Since your wisdom tooth (upper left) is pushing the rest of your teeth it's best we take it out. So I agreed scheduled it but was pissed the earliest they can take me was April 3rd a whole month later! So I went home felt sad but relieved that the pain was resolved for now. Then out of nowhere my lower left side was hurting I saw as I carefully examined my teeth in the mirror, that the same was happened to my lower left side as to my upper left. I tried everything to take the pain away but nothing was happening. I couldn't do anything. I was incredibly grumpy. I wanted it over then the dentist calls and says "We have an opening March 20th Tuesday. But it's at 9:45am." I'll take it. Since I prepared myself for an April 3rd tooth extraction mentally, I didn't worry about feeling rushed now I do!

Thank God one of the rarest times Dean woke up himself and wanted to eat, also woke me up from this horrid dream. A dream where instead of going home I decide to help a person out and get injured. Jeez even in my dreams I'm a total klutz. My left leg was broken somehow where it needed to be amputated. Yes dramatic dream huh? So when my dream came to the part I was sitting on a hospital bed and they were about to hack at my defenseless left leg (cutting below the knee.). They gave me three options of mouth guard so I won't mess my teeth up as the hack :/ I asked so are you giving me any pain killer before you cut? No! So I freaked ran away and they sent dogs and agents, leg amputating agents lol to find me as I hobbled around the city. Day turned into night it felt like everything was fastfowarding to the moment I got caught. I gave up since I can't outrun a damn brown 1980s oldsmobile lol. So back I went to the table as they were about to cut Dean woke me up. Thank the good Lord! It honestly felt so real I wanted to cry. And yes my dreams are very detailed and I remember every single one of them even certain scents odd I know. So I wake up relieved but my heart beating so fast. Why am I having such a dramatic lunatic type of dream? My conclusion...I feel deeply frightened of getting my teeth pulled out enough as if it were my leg. Nervous much? HELL YEAH! I don't have a free of needles in fact I'm all for them only if ness. But I'm scared of having them inject my gum w novacain or whatever it is to numb my gums. Ughk! I don't wanna do it but I know I need to to face relief and painless normal chewing activity. God help me I don't punch the living daylights out of the dentist tomorrow morning (oh snap in 6 hours!) for injecting my gums numb. I need to relax and stop having crazy ass dreams it really Fs up my psyche BAD! now I don't even know if I wanna go back to sleep wahhhhh! >.< why man why. And of that's not my only problem Dean exclusively breastfeeds so there's no need for bottles. But since I'm going to be medicated enough to numb a horses ass in the mouth I can't feed him. I have milk pumped and saved but he won't take a bottle. :/ my mother is going to have a hard time or if he sleeps through it I'll be def having a hard time feeding him. He won't have me until 4 to 5 pm it's gonna be he'll tomorrow! God help me! (I find humor in anything and everything most of the time this one is one of them.) I don't take this dream too seriously but I still am nervous. I think I'll be fine. I I don't blog anymore that means I'm dead from the traumatic event and or day with trying to feed Dean. Lol...can't wait!

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