Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Is Harder Than I Thought

I suck at this for sure... ;/

Ok so I gained 5 pounds...hahaha Yes! a whole 5 pounds! CRAP!So this is definitely harder than what I thought. I never really had to lose weight. With my first child I just didn't bother much to tell you the truth. You know I think I know what made me gain weight...BAKING FUCKING COOKIES! I should know better but 6 total dozen of warm chewy snicker doodles...who wouldnt wanna inhale it all...(NOTE: I shared...some) I just had a craving...this is the bad thing about know how to cook and bake...CRAP! I'm gonna need to start over...It's a nice day outside so I'm off of cookies I'll walk my fat ass around...hmm a sad sad day. I also decided no longer looking at the scale. It gets me depressed lol. The next day I walked in the bathroom and the scale was gone only to find it in the stand up shower stall. Is someone also battling their weight in the house? Hmm well...another day and hopefully another pound lost not gain. (;

First night of baking 4 dozen cookies NUTS! huh? lol Who wouldn't wanna eat all of that?!



  1. tell me about so i wasnt nuts for eating a dozen or two to myself? lol ha!

  2. Hey, just checking out your blog. I have this same problem too...every time I try to lose weight, I have the urge to bake and eat two dozen cookies or cupcakes. In fact, sounds like a great idea...

  3. hahaha maybe next playdate meeting i should bake everyone some yummy cookies huh Val lol...

  4. I don't think anyone would complain!


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