Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love, Who Are We To Judge?

In the end all we want is to not be alone and to be surrounded by the ones we love. No matter the sexual orientation.

In a second part of my blog from yesterday, Love and Marriage, do we have the right to judge others relationships? People say not to compare your relationships with others. Be glad with what you have in your significant other and the possible future you will hold together. As for the LGBT community, is not what they have love? How about their possible futures? In some places as New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire has legal same sex marriage. As for California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington and New Jersey allows a legal union with the same rights of a straight married couple but DOES NOT call it a marriage. There are other countries who allow equality in straight and gay marriages but most still don't.

Again, as I was asking. Do we have the right to judge others relationships and ways of life? Who are we to dictate their lives and on who they want to marry? So many videos and articles have been rising up lately and I would love to lend my support to the legalization of gay rights and their marriages not just "legal documented unions." What a crock! We were thought as young children of America not to judge and to accept others, because we ultimately are all the same. As for children being adopted, born biologically, and raised by a gay parent or parents, they too should not be penalized for just their parents. Children of gay parents are being made fun of or worse also being physically beaten.



  1. I love how it's been the HOT JUICY TALK lately....FINALLY!!!! I just never understood homophobia as's like if we were a world of homosexual dominance....would we have heterophobia?!!! I guess we would've if we originated homosexually...but that would dumb 'cause none of us would exist. However, I think ultimately....I think at one point...we were pre-dominantly bisexual. There have been studies that showed of homosexual acts of even lions in the wild...and duhh....natural bisexuality with some species like dolphins. Anyways, I always thought that as humans we are somewhat a self-contradiction. Why?? we evolved to have more complex thought processes right?? So in nature...most's polygamous....some...monogamous...but as "normal" "civilized" people...polygamy would be obscene. I think at one point it was all about the pheromones and what we were attracted to. Okay there's the argument of procreation with only a penis and a vagina....okay I get it...i'm not that feminist or lesbian to figure that one out...but if it wasn't for attraction in pheremones, old fashion courting to woe someone, or as they would in the wild....crazy displays of dancing or macho fighting to be the alpha male of that mating session....then how do you expect that penis to enter? Well back to same sex marriage/ relationships/ parenting...the statment of, "YES!!!I wanna be extra gay and do homosexual I can be horribly hated by people, be disowned by my family and get beaten by a homophobic parent or be a victim of a hate crime where I'm possibly beaten to death!!!!". How do people not see that homosexuals don't have "normal" rights? If it was a gay world and a "strange" hetero couple was at the hospital...both physically because of some horrible accident and one because the person they love will never be the same again or possibly literally dying... and they've been happily together for about 13 years...because they aren't married or family the other isn't given the right to see their partner...would that be acceptable??? Marriage does count on income taxes does it not? Divorce does help with alimony and child support...does it not? Divorce brings in money to some people like lawyers and courts does it not??? Marriage is a written paper that still involves money...which I think is also ridiculous but anyways, love is love and sometimes you can't help who you fall for. I'm pretty sure that there a whole lot of marriages that are unhappy and possibly abusive, that exist. I'm pretty sure that there are brother and sister marriages that exists somewhere...and yet we are still trying to get over same sex marriages?!! Really???!!! And for those who think same sexed parenting is unacceptable, as I said earlier I'm sure there are some unhappy or abusive marriages where the spouse cheats or a parent is abusive not only to the spouse but also to the children. The children could possibly become the serial killers or the abusers of the future. I'm pretty sure that gay couples or parents wouldn't enforce homosexual acts on the child to be hated against in the future as well but, it helps the children and other children of the future understand the dynamics of diversity. In the end, when homosexuality is finally "accepted" there will still be hate and discrimination but we will some what be "equal".

  2. @Sher: start your own blog woman! I believe you'd make a very good blog something worth reading...a semi public journal! Id be the first one to read for sure! xoxo


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