Friday, December 2, 2011

Initiative Green: Toddler

It's not only my favorite color, but a cause I support.

Today's "initiative green" is teaching a 3 year old to conserve energy, to recycle, and to plant a PLANT. Baby steps, it helps to start them young. Not only today did I start telling Max to conserve energy and turn off the tv and his little lamp when he's not using it. Believe it or not this kid is amazing! He remembers to turn it off when he goes out of his room. When he goes to the bathroom he told me, "Mommy! Don't flush I'm conserving energy, I only flush when its poop!" In a way it saves us on water. What a smart kid! He also reminds me to take the unused plugs out of the socket, because he's not allowed to touch it. Recycling is a big part of learning to be green. Max knows when to throw plastics in the correct garbage bin in our room. Yes we have two garbage bins, one for regular trash and the second for recycling. He gets excited to throw empty plastic bottles out into the recycling that it's too cute.

As to plant a PLANT, early in the morning his project was to plant the end of the year flower. I got this from Target's dollar section. Buzzy seeds' Carpet of Snow Grow Kit. It comes with one pot, one growing medium pellet included, and a packet of Alyssum Snowcloth Seeds. Max and I carefully prepared the items needs and read the instructions. Easy a 3 year old can do it, with supervision duh! He enjoyed planting and making a mess! It was super quick and I honestly wished I bought more! The packet of seeds had so much for the little pot, that we decided to save them and use it for spring. We can't wait to have our own plant in Max's room and Dean's nursery. Keeping it green one baby at a time. I am also cloth diapering Dean, from birth until he is potty trained. As for Max, he's already a "Big Boy", potty trained, and way too big for one sized pocket diapers. He enjoys the colors and prints we've received as presents from great supportive friends! But, that's for another blog. Until then stay green your part no matter how small!


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