Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love and Marriage

"Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage. This, I tell ya brother, you cant have one with out the other." -Frank Sinatra.

I wish I can tell you my love life/married life is perfect and it's for everyone to try. Some people can live a life of solitude or single and dating. Personally I can't. I dated young, loved and lost. Been in almost every possible type of relationship. I'm a woman but I'm not cushy or anything like that. So here's the story, our story. Before I 're met' my now husband I previously lived in and was in a relationship for 5 years. I ended up hanging out with Rad and liking him more and more. Within 4 months of dating we got pregnant. This was very difficult. The trails and tribulations that we were about to endeavor will either drive u apart or make us stronger. Thank GOD we lived through it. November 2008, our first son Max was born. Strong, healthy, and very lively. We were proud.

The thought of marriage came up several times. We both were fine with the idea of taking things slow. Then in January 2011 we finally got married. In Rad's family church in Linden. It was a beautiful family only ceremony and filled with so much love. We knew we were ready to embark our lives not only as a family but as a married couple. I know we did things ass backwards, but it was right for us. Now as I previously stated we are due to have another little boy in December. So many things happens in our daily lives that makes me wanna scream WHY?! but it all turns out well in the end. Well I guess this will have to continue another day. Im tired, my son needs to be put to bed, and I still need to do laundry. Ah life as a mom and wife, never really ends does it. I signed the papers, I guess I'd just have to live with it. lol.


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  1. Life as a "mom" is one thing...cause it's bringing another little munchkin/loving someone as your own child...and guiding them. IDK what movie I heard it from but it went something like in the eyes of a child...mother is their god...or some crap like that. Well yeah anyways...a child looks up to the for being a wifey...well I think that's also a full time job lol! perhaps the significant other doesn't have to be dependent but, who are we kidding....i've heard from other older women at work...that men just don't grow up. LOL you gotta cook, clean, laundry, and find things for them hahaha!!! And also, so I've heard, the first few years of marriage is difficult. It's about learning one another in a different perspective where no censoring occurs and especially if that's the first time you actually live together and are around each other 24-7. It's no longer about what can "I"'s about compromise and a "we"'s no longer a one letter word lol.


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